Permanent exhibition of national documents and archives

Exhibition halls

The exhibition contains ten halls that attract the visitor by presenting the history of Oman. The Exhibition also introduces the visitors with the history of Oman documentation process starting with engraved stones and manuscripts to the establishment of an archival institution represented in the National Records & Archives Authority that organizes and manages the history of Oman, and constitutes a national memory of this ancient country.

Name and description of the service

National Records & Archives Authority established the records permanent exhibition to introduce the visitor with the history of Oman through different ages. In fact, Omani history is not written only on paper, but carved on rocks, drawn on international maps, impressed on coins and stamps, recorded in manuscripts, published in international newspapers and magazines, and narrated in pictures and films.

Features of the exhibition

All records and archives in the exhibition are shown with a little description in both Arabic and English. In addition, the halls of the exhibition supplied with translation devices in German, French, Italian and Russian.

Exhibition regulations and guidelines

1. Eating and drinking are prohibited.
2. Avoid touching the exhibition contents.
3. Taking photos is prohibited.
4. Please keep calm.
5. silence your phones .
6. No smoking

Exhibition location on the map
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